Moses Khan (Director of Balanced Lifestyle LLC) has been in the health, wellness and fitness industry for over 29 years. In the early 1990's Moses competed in Martial Arts, Power Lifting and Soccer on a very high level. Moses has been a personal trainer since 1990, teaching Martial Arts since 1995 and practicing Massage and Sports/Rehabilitative Therapy since 1996.

Moses received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences from the University of St Thomas in Houston, Texas and obtained his Massage and Sports/Rehabilitative Therapy (With of over 3000 hours of schooling that has been professionally assessed to be the equivalency of a Master's Degree) and Personal Training from Kikkawa College and Seneca College in Toronto, Canada (Canadian Massage Therapists are considered to be the most highly trained Massage Therapists in the world and they are also trained to study very detailed orthopedic (neurological and muscle testing and function) assessments and testing very similarly to Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Sports Medicine Doctors. Years after this Moses also obtained a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Science and Nutrition from UT Austin (considered to be one of the top Exercise Physiology graduate programs in the world).  Moses also completed another Master's Degree at the University of Colorado (Denver) in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Optimization (Operations Research emphasis) in which his interests are in enhancing human performance and recovery maximally, while minimizing on injuries, and using mathematical modeling towards nerve regeneration and understanding maximal blood flow better at minimal cost of the heart.

Moses massages, trains and rehabilitates a wide variety of clientele (From professional MMA and UFC fighters, world class Martial Artists, track and field athletes and top College teams such as UT Austin’s Women's Soccer, Tennis, Football and Power Lifting teams and top high school athletes to the elderly, handicapped, and injured. Moses also mentored and tutored many of the student athletes at UT Austin and Concordia University. Many of these student athletes also seeked out advice from Moses be it for academic advising and/or how to train more optimally and even for advice pertaining to their lives and well-being. Moses has also done a lot of specific work with Paul Millsap from the Denver Nuggets and Jeff Heuerman from the Denver Broncos. Over the past 24 plus years be it in Canada, Texas or Colorado, Moses has worked with many professional basketball, football, hockey and baseball players.

Moses is a registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada, the State of Texas and Colorado.  He is also licensed by the Texas Department of Health as a Massage Therapy Instructor and Continuing Education Provider. Moses is also certified as a personal trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and a Strength and Conditioning Expert from the Tudor Bompa Institute.

Moses also did the strength and conditioning for the Men's Basketball team at Concordia University (Austin, Texas) in 2013 and helped them win their first Texas Championship.

Moses taught classes such as Measurement and Evaluation in Sport Science for Physical Education Teachers, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Exercise Theory, ACSM, ACE and WITS Personal Training Certification Classes at the University of Texas (Austin), WITS, Concordia University, Austin Community College and Johnson and Wales University.  Moses is presently an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at the University of Colorado (Denver) and the Community College of Aurora.

Moses also taught at Health Masters Massage Therapy School and ICE (Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetics) during 2001 to 2006.  Moses taught many advance Massage Therapy classes such as Sports Massage and Advanced Sports Massage, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Deep Tissue and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.