Dr. Ross Bomben DC, DACBSP (Performance Therapy Group PLLC)

Moses Khan and I have worked together professionally over the years, and I consider him a true friend. We met while he was finishing his master's degree at UT in Exercise Science. We have worked together giving injury  prevention talks for Concordia University's men's basketball team and we have also traded therapy for our own various ailments. Not only is he a very accomplished massage therapist, but he is a man of GREAT moral character also. I was a licensed massage therapist in Texas in 2001 and I am now a licensed (since 2006) chiropractor. I have interviewed over one hundred massage therapists for employment and Moses' skills are easily in the top 1% of therapists I have worked with. Our musculoskeletal focused practice utilizes Fascial Distortion Model, Trigger Point, Active Release Technique, deep tissue, and general Swedish techniques. I highly recommend MR. Moses Khan to anyone.

Geoff Connor Ph.D, JD (104th Secretary State of Texas)

I found Mr. Moses Khan to be highly intelligent, very well-educated and exceptionally qualified in his field. At the same time, he was very meticulous in determining the best training program for me. He constantly evaluated where we were, what the options were and the bet course forward. I trusted him to do this, and I was certainly not disappointed. In less than six months. Mr. Khan completely changed my body composition, I dropped 7 inches from my waistline, added 2 inches to my chest and put my body fat percentage in an ideal range. Along the way, he taught me so much about healthy living including diet, sleep, flexibility and attitude.

Jeff Heuerman (Denver Broncos Tight End and Superbowl (NFL) 2015 Champion

Moses is my guy. He has been my number one sports massage therapist. He has helped me so much with recovery especially after games and/or intense training. His knowledge of sports performance is truly unparalleled and he has always been a great mentor not just for conditioning training, optimal performance and recovery, but he is full of life impacting wisdom and has always given me great advice in every facet of my life. I highly recommend him not just to every professional athlete but to anyone who is looking for not just the most optimal treatment and sport performance!!

Dr. Donald Vaughn Ph.D and Dr. Sara Vaughn MD

Mr. Moses Khan has given my wife (Dr. Sara Vaughn who is a fertility Doctor) several massages including pregnancy massages. She has always been impressed with his knowledge and command of both Physiology and Biomechanics combined with this excellent massage and people's skills. Moses has given me several therapeutic massages for my hip and shoulder injuries in past and helped me come back to 100% functionality. Moses has also been a great strength and conditioning coach and advanced martial arts Instructor to me. We have both been impressed by Moses' impressive educational background, therapeutic skills, sincerity, and he is a person of great moral integrity and unshakeable character. We recommend him to anyone for Life Coaching, martial arts instruction, massage and sports therapy, personal training and positivity.

Sensei Ramon Veras 7th Dan(President and Head Instructor of the Pan American Okinawan Go-ju-Ryu Karate Do Association and Technical Committee Member of the USA National Karate Federation under the USA Olympic Committee

Since 2002, Mr. Moses Khan has not just been doing fitness consulting and personal training  to myself and several of my students  but he has done many strength and conditioning classes  and therapeutic massages to my students and myself. Mr. Khan has also on several occasions helped my son when he was competing in the world Karate Federation. Mr. Khan is exceptionally intelligent, educated, experienced and extremely qualified  and this is why I always request his excellent continued services whenever he is able to do so.

Matt Pahnke, Ph.D (Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Coach (, Ironman Athlete)

While training for a 70.3 Ironman triathlon, I strained my calf less than 2 weeks before my A race.  Moses knew exactly what to do.  After a few sessions with him, my body was ready for competition.  The race went very well and I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships at that race.  Moses is a top notch sports massage therapist that I will highly recommend to all.

Sarah Barnes, UT Assistant Soccer Coach (

I am a former soccer player and current coach at UT who has continued to stay active with running, biking and other outdoor activities. I’ve had several chronic injuries from my days as a player, which have caused pain and hindered my current level of activity. Moses’ ability to apply deep tissue massage has made a huge impact. He does a fantastic job of warming up your body and easing you into a deeper massage. Moses is very good at reading the pain tolerance level of his clients so that he can address tender areas without going beyond what the client can handle. In addition to massage, his knowledge of the body has been instrumental in providing advice for specific strengthening and stretching and post-massage exercises that I can do on my own. The combination has greatly improved my overall physical comfort. Areas that used to cause pain throughout the course of the day or after more active workouts are in far better condition since I began working with Moses. I would recommend Moses to anyone who has sustained an injury or is in training. In addition, he is the perfect therapist and strength coach for active people who are looking to maintain their bodies.

Denise Cazes, M.A., LWMC (Program Director Of Human Performance and Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Houston Clear Lake)

Moses Khan has a phenomenal command of knowledge of the human body. Teaching other massage therapists as well as his work at UT, training athletes and his own athletic endeavors have all given him the experience which makes him a phenomenal massage therapist for rehabilitative work, preventative or just a great massage. I also had him as my personal trainer and he showed me many things that I did not know and helped me get stronger and more bio mechanically specific and educated when doing certain lifts and movements. He is also a class A human being who is not just knowledgeable, personable and very conscientious, but he is a true gentleman who is always respectful and humble.

Heidi Burge Horton, Former Collegiate, USA Basketball Team Player, WNBA Player for the LA Sparks and Washington DC Mystics 1989-2000. President and Head Coach of Hoops-School, a premier Youth Basketball Training organization in West Houston (2000 to present).

I have know Moses Khan since 2003. He has easily become one of my best friends since first meeting him where he was my former teacher, mentor and colleague. For me, Moses primary focus in life is all about learning and being better every day. When I met him, he taught me an advanced Sports Massage class and several deep tissue classes that have all profited me in my own personal health and business. Moses also doesn't limit his teaching in sports massage, but adds a wide range of classes including Pre and Post Natal Massage. With his techniques in both of his classes, I have freed many of an athlete from muscular pain, and also induced four pregnant ladies who were over due. Moses was also a fantastic strength coach and mentor to me as well.

When I met Moses as my Massage Therapy Instructor, he was obtaining a Mathematics Degree at the University of St. Thomas. After this he pursued a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology (with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Nutrition), and then he obtained another Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics many years after. He has studied under the many greats such as Dr. John Ivy and Dr. Edward Coyle. Every time I meet with him, I always marvel at how is trying to put things together and using all his education and experiences to compliment one another especially in his professional practice and life. He is not just a brilliant student and teacher, but he also concerns himself with martial arts. When I met him, Moses had the body of a top athlete, and he had many titles in Canada in martial arts and he also played soccer and power lifted. I know that Moses is also a self learned musician who has taught himself guitar and saxophone, and he has composed several songs that he has played for my husband and myself on several occasions.

When thinking of a man who is driven to learn, yet so dedicated to balance (in every sense: physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually), I think of Moses Khan. He has a soft heart with gifted intelligence and hands. He uses his gifts of intuition, intellectuality and sensitivity to lead a life dedicated to being well-rounded, hard working and always learning. I would recommend him as a teacher, a trainer, a coach, a sports physical and massage therapist, a weight lifting consultant and a wonderful friend and human being to anyone I meet.

 Vanja Corovic, UT Austin Tennis Player

• 2008 NCAA Doubles Championships participant

• 2008 All-Big 12 singles and doubles

• 2007 NCAA Singles Championships participant

• 2007 Big 12 Freshman and Newcomer of the Year

• 2007 All-Big 12 singles and doubles

Being a student-athlete at the University of Texas is a both a privilege and a great honor; moreover, our time is even more valuable when we meet the right people. I was lucky enough to be massaged by Moses Khan, who is one of the best massage therapists in the country. Working every time with Moses was such a pleasure for many reasons. He is always very courteous and professional, very knowledgeable and most important he did his work with such care and detail.  With this being said, I would be always ready for my next match, despite our vigorous training and many matches during tennis season.  When I met Moses, I had a severe right hip problem that was not allowing me to sprint and lunge explosively.  Within three treatments, Moses had me pain free in my hip.  During the three years that Moses worked on me during my attendance at UT, he helped me recover and saved me from many potential injuries. He was also a wonderful strength and conditioning coach and he truly helped me performed better. He is the best and made my years at Texas more appreciative.  Thanks Mo.

Niki Arlitt, UT Austin Soccer Player

HONORS & AWARDS · 2008 Preseason All-Big 12

· 2007 Big 12 All-Newcomer Team

· 2007 All-Big 12 Second Team

· 2007 Soccer Buzz Elite Team of the Week (Sept. 17)

· Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll (Spring 2009) SOPHOMORE (2008)

· Saw action in 20 matches, including 13 starts.

· Tallied one goal and three assists for five points.

· Dished out the game-tying assist against Arizona (9/7).

· Recorded one helper in 2-0 victory over UTSA (9/5).

· Fired the gamewinner from 25 yards out in the Longhorns 1-0 double-overtime win at No. 25 Louisville (8/31).

· Registered an assist in UT's 3-1 victory over Kentucky (8/28).

I play soccer for the University of Texas and I have been struggling with back and hip pain for the past 5 years. Before I was massaged by Moses, the range of motion in my hips was poor and the muscles in my legs fatigued quickly during training. However, after seeing Moses, my range of motion greatly improved and I was able to run faster and longer without fatigue.  My agility and quickness improved as well.  Moses also gave me the best strength and conditioning exercises and helped me evolved academically as well. Moses is a great massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach, and I would recommend him to anyone who has been struggling with chronic pain and hasn't been able to find relief. Hook 'em!

Jim Casler (High School Football Coach, Exercise Physiologist)

 Given my background in competitive sports, I have sustained many injuries throughout the years and  especially in my right shoulder.  I have had many Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and other Doctors look at my shoulder but none of them compares to Moses Khan.  He has helped improved my limited range of motion and chronic pain with my shoulder, and overall he has also helped me recover better during my high intensity exercise training.  Moses’ background as a Sports and Rehabilitative Specialist, Massage Therapist and Exercise Physiologist is second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Marija Milic, UT Austin Tennis player

•2008 NCAA Doubles Championships participant

•2008 All-Big 12 doubles

•2007 All-Big 12 doubles

•2008, 2007 Academic All-Big 12 (first team)

When I was playing tennis for The University of Texas at Austin there were many recurring injuries that took place. Thanks to Moses I was able to overcome those injuries and focus on putting my passion into what was important; my game. I dedicate a lot of my performance to this man as my body could have never survived the intensive hours on and off.  The love for the game kept me going but there were physical drawbacks to which Moses was my savior. I would point to the injured area and he knew exactly what he had to work on. After a few short sessions every time I felt 100% better and was very pleased with the outcome. Through his expertise and knowledge of the human body and function, he allowed for me to push to my full potential by minimizing my pain and allowing me to have maximum function with my body. Moses was also my sage as he did not just help give me great academic advising and tutoring in math, but he had so much wisdom about life, and his advice never failed me. Thanks Moses!!

Ari Reinfeld (Exercise Physiologist, Cyclist)

When I need a massage I only go to one person, Moses Khan. His expertise in massage therapy is seen through both years of practicing massage and his education. Moses has a very systematic approach to finding the answer to my daily aches and pains or my sports related injuries. I would highly recommend him to anybody.